Advertising Campaigns

Ads on Facebooks, Google Adwords, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and other digital channels

You want to advertise your business Online. Maybe you have a specific location, or you want to go global.

If you just starting, you might wonder where should I focus first?

After many years and launching thousands of digital campaigns I can definitely say: Start from knowing your target audience. Not just who they are (demographics), but why they are your target audience (psychographics).

Then make a clear offer for that audience.

Then find the best way how to communicate your offer to that specific audience.

And only then think about channels where your audience can be reached using online advertising tools.

4 simple pillars 

Audience > Offer > Communication > Channels

Usually what I see, companies just try to advertise on the trending channel first and only then they think what they can say there and to whom. It`s the fastest way to waste marketing budget with a little or no result.

Each marketing campaign should have a clear, reachable and measurable goal.

Digital advertising is a numbers game. 

Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Youtube ads, etc. These are just different digital channels.

Display, search, video, voice advertising – it's just the form of communication in these different channels.

Let`s simplify what is a digital advertising

I see that marketers like to over-complicate everything and introduce new traffic sources or channels with really fancy words and give them very specific names.

In reality, a new form of advertising means: there is a new channel where you can reach people and there are some forms of how you can deliver your message to these people through that channel. 

That's it!

Everything else about digital marketing is just fancy words.

Sure, all channels have different rules, limitations, and features, but all of them give you the same result – they drive traffic to your business.

I'm not saying targeted traffic because channels and ad forms don't care about it, but they give you the tools that help you filter out just the right audiences you are targeting. Some channels, with the help of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, do it amazingly.

Since 2006 I have tested and worked with almost every possible digital advertising channel and ad form.

Each campaign and marketing stage has it`s own goal

When you launching digital marketing campaign you need to know the end goal you want to achieve with that campaign.

If this is your first campaign, you might want to generate leads, people who could be interested in what you do or what you sell. And you will approach a market from a cold perspective, it means they don`t know who you are and they have 0 trust in your brand. These campaigns are called COLD traffic campaigns or TOF - top of the funnel. Where your goals are: 1) get attention of target audience 2) convert right ones into contacts.

Next campaign will be oriented on working with WARM audience, or MOF - Middle of the funnel. Your goal here is to nurture, gain the trust of audience and get commitment from them, that hey want to go further the road with you. You goals at this stage: 1) to get a small commitments of actions in your nurturing campaign 2) Sell some entrance level products. Her you try to qualify your leads.

And the last stage is working with a HOT audience or BOF - bottom of the funnel, who are ready to buy from you.

I’ve spent almost two decades creating strategies, ad creatives, running and optimizing campaigns for various industries. My specialization is in expert knowledge and digital production selling, as this is my passion. But I ran campaigns even for funeral companies in Europe (wasn`t my favorite one). But I look at this just from a professional angle: if there is a need for a product or service in the market and it's legal to advertise it, and if you have competitive advantage, I'm happy to help you.

What I see that most businesses are missing in digital advertising is to track user behavior. There are only two types of action that should matter to you: when people are taking action you expect and when they aren’t. Both are equal important.

Every ad campaign you run should have one goal you want to achieve. If you set the wrong goal, you will get the wrong results.

For example: if you set your goal in Facebook campaigns to get more clicks on your ads, Facebook will deliver more clicks (that’s what you wished), but if you check how many of those clicks converted into Landing Page Views, you will be very surprised  as usually the difference is more than 50%. It means if ad results shows that 1000 people clicked on your page, later you can find out that only 300-500 really landed on your page. Ad networks deliver the results you are asking them to deliver. If you want more conversions, ask for conversions!

If you are running ads, it’s recommended to test different versions of your ads. Changing ad copy, image or video can change conversion rates of the ad.

If someone is arguing or saying that your ads are bad and they know a better formula, don`t believe them. Just test it. I don`t believe in opinions, I believe in data. Because data never lies.

For example, I never believed that people could watch 15-20 min video advertising or read long copy in the ads… until I did comparison tests. If long videos or ad copy make sense to your audience and speak to them, in 90% of cases long videos and copies beat short straight-to-the-point videos and copy from conversion rate and lead quality side. I have tested this dozens of times.

Do you want to run, or already running ads online, but want to optimize, structure, or scale them in a faster and better way?

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Advertising Campaigns

Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. These are just different digital channels. Display, search, video, voice, etc. advertising are just the form of communication in these ad channels. I spent almost a decade creating ad campaigns strategies and ad creative, as well as running and optimizing ad campaigns for various industries. See what I’ve learned.

I have been personally involved in three businesses where video production was one of the key elements. If I wasn’t a passionate digital marketer, I would be a film director/producer. I'm happy that video is one of the forms without which nobody can imagine the internet. I do project pre-production, directing, post-production and distribution.

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It’s one of those ‘be careful what you wish for’ moments.
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