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THE Article essence in one paragraph

I found an amazing software solution (SaaS) called Infinity to manage everything (projects, leads, your gear list, sales funnels, accounting, etc.) with Lifetime deal that will end on 15th of September 2022. I use this software for 2 years everyday. The best investments I ever made! I recommend you to get this SaaS ASAP, while you can.
You will thank me later.

In June 2020 when I was rethinking all digital ecosystem I use. I was lost regarding Project Management system.

Till then for maybe 7 years I was Wrike user. Until, their sales team softly saying destroyed a long term relationships forever. I won`t go in to that story here, just in short - never choose Wrike as a long term solution/partner. They are greedy bastards.

At that time I tried again a few different solutions: Monday, Asana, ClickUP, Favro, Airtable, Basecamp, Notion, etc.

I was frustrated.

Look at G2 Grid how many options you can find.

With so many options, you can understand one thing: there is no one size solution that will fit all your needs.

People like to manage data and projects in so many different ways and that`s why there are plenty options for this.

So, how you could choose what you need?
Read on to learn my story

Also, that wouldn't break my pocket, especially if I want to expand team members, project number or data amount.

Somehow (might be through AppSumo) I found a lifetime deal software called Infinity

I loved their brand promise: One Tool to Organize All Your Work, Your Way.

There are infinity possibilities how you can use it.

Ant then the price hit me hard!

Lifetime deal is valid only till September 15th! Hurry up to get it today!

This is exactly I was looking for. It was an irresistible offer!

Fully customizable and cheap solution for a lifetime..... yet... Lifetime of whom? 🙂

Anyway, I was testing other tools, so I grab the offer, plus there were a money back guarantee.

At that time Infinity wasn`t so developed software, but still it had almost everything I really needed.

You can watch short basic Walkthrough video to get the idea of what it is capable of.

Why I loved and hated Infinity

As I said earlier it`s hard to find PM SAAS that give you all you need


  • Ability to have infinite amount of projects I`m working on, or plan to do so.
  • to have as many as possible views on my data (now it has 7 view options).
  • ability to sort data into folders and have hierarchy structure.
  • Ability to filter out data in as many as I want ways.
  • Ability to control user access right to different parts of the system and data.
  • The value - features ration was unbeatable.
  • Ability to share your board to public and embed it into any website page.
  • Ability to have fixed filters (tabs) and access filtered data very fast.
  • You can have individual views in each folders.
  • You can have a custom and infinite databases inside folders for anything you want.
  • You can save folder structure as a template and reuse it in other projects.
  • There are so many templated prepared for almost anything you need, so if you don`t know where to start, those templates can save you tons of time.


  • You can`t have one entry in a few separate folder (as a link, but not a copy). This is still impossible, but you can link items between folders using Reference field type.
  • You can`t use or access same item between boards even in the same organization.
  • Data load speed still is very slow. 

During 2 years period, I saw the incredible work of the Infinity Team. They even solved my request live on weekends! I connected with company CEO Stefan. I was impressed how they were able to fund their project by bootstrapping with just a lifetime deal and making clients happy.

The community (on closed Facebook group) is very active and people like to help each other. Team reaction to problems is so fast. It feels like they really care about customers and the product. Jovana does amazing job. I know just Thrive Theme team who works with similar love to their product.

Amazing constant updates

The new features that they constantly bring on the table are mazing. Like automatization tool which works with concept IF THIS THEN THAT. You can automatize all your workflows. Plus with Zapier and Integrately automations I can even get all my leads and sales information directly to Infinity and sort data in any way I like.

Recent huge update, where they introduced charts view. Where you can make nice charts based on your table data. It`s amazing!

I was postponing to write this blog post for 2 years. Now it is out as I`m more confident in this product than ever. At least it is worth a try as you have 30 days money back guarantee. Lifetime deal won`t last forever. So grab it while you can.

P.S. Lifetime deal is available only till 15th of  September 2022!

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