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Post date: 2023-12-21

"I want to work only with robots!" 

I said to my business psychologist back in mid-2020. It was a moment where my heart and soul were in perfect harmony, born from my disappointment in human ability to communicate clear and smoothly, and the barriers created by ego, false beliefs and limitations.

It's one of those 'be careful what you wish for' moments.

Because, believe it or not, it actually happened!

Now, on daily basis, I "work" more with AI apps than with humans.

But let me take you back to where it all began.

SPOILER: It's a bit long article with very personal story.

The world 🌎 had to stop!

In the start of 2020, just before the world changed with the pandemic, I made a significant shift: from leading an international digital company with over 20 people to embarking again on a solo entrepreneurial journey in less than 10 days. I didn't plan that. This move was driven by a different set of reasons, unrelated to the global crisis that was about to unfold.

It was hard and at the same time it was a huge relief.

Now I could pivot fast. Didn't need to explain everything in detail to people who anyway didn't listen and had their own agendas. I saw, that alone, I can easily do same job of 10 people I previously was hiring. Of course my capabilities were limited to 2-3 projects at the same time.

My new challenge was...

How to clone myself?

From my childhood I dreamed of cloning myself. Mainly to be able to communicate internally faster and do more different activities at the same time.

For me it was very hard to stick to one activity, not because I can't hold attention, but mainly because there were so many activities that were so attractive. I couldn't choose just one and stick with it. I saw patterns how all these possibilities connect with each other.

I have dreamed of having an army of assistants who could help me in learning and research processes, executing repetitive tasks and do it exactly as I trained them.

I tried it with people.

And I failed so many times.

I needed to admit I'm so bad with personal relationships. Plus I was dealing with my alter egos a lot, trying to understand my own and other human behaviors, belief systems, etc. The more I learned about humans… the more I wished to work with robots. I'm a fan of process automation, yet the process of automation itself has it's own challenges. It lacked intelligence.

AI was my only hope that one day in the future I will be able to do all I have in my head on scale, fast and with higher intelligence at the core. But it sounded more like a science fiction dream, than close reality. I even heard from my business partners: "Martin, let's get real. We have challenges here and now, and you are talking about something that might never happen."

The time has come

Fast forward to a year ago, and there I was, catching the first waves of the digital revolution.

Not just surfing – more like cautiously dipping a toe in here and there. Sharing a nugget of AI wisdom, applying it in real-life client scenarios. You name it – Digital Marketing, ad analysis, social media content, coming up with new business ideas, digital advertising, brainstorming, video scripting, video editing, voice correction, dealing with various type of expertise, summarizing gigabytes of data, etc. – AI became my Swiss Army knife for everything. I was a bit obsessed.

The number of AI scenarios I've played with? Let's just say if I had a euro for each... well, I'd probably just invest more in AI tools, AI education and companies that create AI models.

The last month was like a season finale in the AI world – updates left, right, and center: hello Grok, Optimus Bot training just on vision, OpenAI Dev Day, Custom GPTs, #gameofai drama, launch of Claude 2.1, Billions of Microsoft, Google, Amazon investments, Text to videos solutions by Pika, text to 3D models and on Wednesday launch of Google Gemini, etc. There were so much happening that it was almost impossible to catch everything.

The World changed

 Thinking back, it's hard to imagine that just a year ago we were all merrily oblivious to AI’s grand entrance. Last week ChatGPT just celebrated its 1 year anniversary.

For me the AHA moment was when I accidentally watched a video, by Ilja Laurs, that opened my eyes even more. It led me to the idea I already had a decade ago -  changing expensive human resources to customized AI Assistants that can transform any business process. This happened just two days before OpenAI's Custom GPTs were presented. Decade ago the idea of personal AI Assistant was near science fiction concept, today it is a close reality.

In the last 3 years I became snobby realist and forgot that I have ability to imagine things and dream. But that video inspired me.

I put on my Quest3 VR glasses and opened 3D model of my latest project on marine innovations media platform. Brainstorming in 3D space is my secret weapon I found 2 years ago. And I let myself dream again…

What if everything is possible… and we already have AI technology that could help me change business structure to the new paradigm - the era of AI. Instead of thinking from the HR side, what if I could think of AIR (Artificial intelligence Resources) side.

If you grasp the economic impact of Tesla's Optimus bots, then the potential of custom AI Assistants should excite you. They're like having a pocket-sized Optimus bot, but amplified a hundred times – and without the steep cost (of maybe around $30k).

What's now?

It happened that I shared my vision with my mate from Lithuania, Paulius Rimavicius – a seasoned tech entrepreneur. Two years ago, we began exploring the potential of custom AI solutions, and he's been a driving force in advocating AI adoption through his AI workshops for all type of businesses.

Today, I'm so excited to announce our joint venture – AI Masters Agency. For more details and very important custom GPTs vulnerabilities check on our press release here.

So, if you're curious about how AI could revolutionize your business or personal life, let's connect.

Our mission? Become a leading AI trainer and builder of custom AI Applications and help to transition all smart businesses leaders into the era of Artificial Entrepreneurship.

If everything sounds like from some futuristic movie. Don't worry you are not alone. My suggestions is to shoot me a message or ... Click here to choose the date and time for custom AI discovery call.

Martin Jokub | AI Master

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