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It’s one of those ‘be careful what you wish for’ moments.
Because, believe it or not, it actually happened!
Now, on daily basis, I “work” more with AI apps than with humans.

I want to work only with robots!

THE Article essence in one paragraph I found an amazing software solution (SaaS) called Infinity to manage everything (projects, leads, your gear list, sales funnels, accounting, etc.) with Lifetime deal that will end on 15th of September 2022. I use this software for 2 years everyday. The best investments I ever made! I recommend you

Lifetime to Infinity

On 25th of Jan, 2022 Thrive Theme released Thrive Apprentice 4.0. Inside this update there is one hidden beast. As they say on their introduction:This is a HUGE feature that deserves its own launch, but we’re releasing it as part of Thrive Apprentice 4.0 because it has some powerful applications for course creators and membership

Conditional Display (Thrive Suite)


Building Digital Products and Funnels since 2000

Digital Services I provide

I help companies and individuals create effective and long-term Digital Marketing Strategies. I do markets, competitors and digital product research.
I'm talking about a plan you can see on one page – not a hundred-page plan that nobody reads and that makes no sense from a practical aspect. Go deeper to find out how I do that.

In my career so far, I’ve created more than 20 different personal brands from scratch. I’ve also helped hundreds of other companies with their brand identity, building landing pages that convert and working on final project development and delivery.
Let me show you how I work with concepts and branding, and how I turn them into functional products.

If you treat your website visitors equally and communicate with everybody the same way, in reality, you communicate with nobody.
You can have the best product on the market, huge marketing budgets, nice looking websites, and branding…. But nothing will matter if you communicate badly. Here's how I do it.

Personal Consultations

Does one size fit all? It doesn’t! You and I can think the same way, but we are different, unique, and consume information in different ways. Your business is unique. Every business is at a different stage of growth, has a different financial situation or ability to act quickly, different human resources, etc.
I adapt my expertise and knowledge to the personal needs of the client. Here is how.

Advertising Campaigns

Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. These are just different digital channels. Display, search, video, voice, etc. advertising are just the form of communication in these ad channels. I spent almost a decade creating ad campaigns strategies and ad creative, as well as running and optimizing ad campaigns for various industries. See what I’ve learned.

I have been personally involved in three businesses where video production was one of the key elements. If I wasn’t a passionate digital marketer, I would be a film director/producer. I'm happy that video is one of the forms without which nobody can imagine the internet. I do project pre-production, directing, post-production and distribution.

Info Business Development

Ebooks, audiobooks, digital products, online courses, digital education classes, workshops, membership portals, podcasts, games, virtual reality applications, software, mobile apps, and any valuable information is just a form of digital info product. You can make a huge impact and earn money using any form of digital goods. I help top-level experts to help as many people as possible online.

Online Course Creation

A unique info product is a combination of the expert’s knowledge, market research, best-practice educational methodology, production quality, pricing, and platforms.
I help to build online courses, from course naming and video production to the final working product and even full digital marketing strategy on how the course will be delivered to your prospects.

Custom AI Solutions

In the end of 2023 I become a founder of the AI Masters Agency.

We deliver swift, smart, and solid custom AI solutions for corporates, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, creators and experts who want to scale their business to the next level.


Check out what people say

Martin is a dynamic and smart marketing strategy specialist. He has made a great impact on the way we work with marketing tools at Videona. He is a true entrepreneur – passionate about his work: the kind that you want to have around. So if you have the opportunity to work with him, just do it.

Pablo Fernández-Maquieira

Creative Manager en Videona Socialmedia S.L.

We have been working with Martin Jokub since 2009. If somebody asked me to describe the whole collaboration in a few words, I would say this: “Everything on time, professional and of the highest quality.“

Inga Skirmantiene

Director |

I just wanted to give a huge thank-you to Martin. Without Martin and his team's diligence and efforts, we would not have seen an increase in inquiries, in revenue, and a much better website layout. Martin possesses great integrity and is a wonderful person to work with because he is so attentive. He has immense enthusiasm, positive energy and he is extremely passionate about his work. You should try him out. I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

Edward Daniel

Media, IT and Advertising Solicitor | Former Chair, The Vegan Society | Chef


Discover how I make a difference with your company

Your digital business works, but you want to grow and scale it to the next level? Let’s talk and find out what differences I can make to your company.

about ME

I use my experience and expertise to create yours

Since 2000, I have been working professionally (and continue every day) with digital projects ranging from development (since 2000) to marketing (since 2006). I wish I had the experience and shortcuts I know today at the beginning of my journey. I can’t change the past, but I can make a huge impact on your business future by using the know-how I’ve gained in digital business since the year 2000.

I love to help other entrepreneurs like you to build, grow, and scale business online. It does not matter is it just a single-offer campaign, page-and copy concept, or a full-spectrum branded digital strategy.

My goal is always the same – make your online business convert! Strangers to visitors, visitors to leads, leads to customers, customers into your brand ambassadors.

Featured on

image gallery

Some visual moments from my business life

KAJABI Impact Summit. I was invited on stage in front of 1100 infopreneurs. Irvine, California, USA (2019)

Three-day video shoot with venture finance expert  Brad Furber. I was the project manager and video director, Valencia, Spain (2019)

I was a speaker at the Convert Conf conference in Vilnius and shared the stage with Neil Patel, an internet marketing icon. Here we are talking at his workshop (2015)

Live webinar with venture finance expert Bradley B. Furber. Valencia, Spain (2020)

The most famous "LIKE" in the world. Facebook Headquarters, Silicon Valley, USA (2019)

I prefer to be behind the camera, but sometimes I need to be in front of it. Valencia, Spain. (2019)

My private workshop with ApCore founder Alexander Paruschke: “Ideal Client Story and Customer Journey Building.” Valencia, Spain (2019)

Global Business Owners (GBO) Podcast,
Producing the second episode (Valencia, Stockholm, Madrid, (2020)

Team for the Aery Advisors Venture Finance Masterclass video shoot. Valencia, Spain (2019)

Lima Internet Day (Lithuanian marketing association) conference in Klaipeda. My presentation was on "How to Catch a Moment on the Internet: Where, Why and When to Advertise" (2014)

Kenny Rueter (CEO of Kajabi), my wife Aiste, and me. Irvine, California, USA (2019)

My authorial workshop: "Smart Advertising" (2013)

My presentation on "How to Capture Leads the Right Way" at the Convert conference (2015)

WEB Academy Club meeting (2010)

Story Guild: a 12-month program team.
The fourth three-day Workshop. Warsaw, Poland (2018)

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