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Post date: 2022-01-27

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The real shift in the automotive market in my opinion happened in 2020. Not sure if Covid-19 has anything to do with it, but I would say this was the year when EV’s got its momentum.

I was following Elon Musk's journey since Paypal.

Tesla was the company that implemented processes development in physical manufacturing from the software world. I was adapting the same processes development methodology in Digital Business and marketing development. The main idea here - every time you repeat the process it needs to be done faster, cheaper, easier (automated), smarter. None of the process can be stuck and taken as it is. It should evolve over the time. Sprints methodology for the process development takes place here.

Tesla X - the best experience I had with this Tesla model. Very spacy, still price to high.

Tesla CyberTruck (productions starts 2022)

I need to admit I was very surprised when I found out that very rare person, even from the tech sector understands where Tesla is heading, how their process development is working, and how it will help company to grow exponentially. I understand that stock analysts still see Tesla as just an automotive manufacturer and evaluate it as a traditional company with old fashion ways of developing innovations (or just processes). Tesla sales of Q4 2021 for me just confirm that the right way of implementation and innovation in processes development leads to exponential sales.

GMC Hummer EV: "Leaders" .... in EV market  - I'm joking of course, as everybody know who are leaders in EV market. And numbers never lies. Anyway, looks solid, but I bet GM will die in 5-10 years anyway with current management.

Ford F150 Lightning - loved the review of Unbox Therapy

Still, Tesla is a small playgeer in the Global Vehicle market. I wanted to understand the whole picture of the global car market. I started digging for numbers. To my surprise.... just EV manufacturers provide these numbers very clearly. I couldn’t find all global numbers in one place for comparison, so I decided to create my own table and put the numbers with the source link where I got them from. If I don't know something - please share it in the comments below.

My main goal is to understand where Tesla really stands in the Global EV market, compared to all other manufacturers and compared to the global legacy automakers market.

Personally my favored brand - Maserati Grecale full Electric (should be presented in the late spring 2022)

Nissan Arya - could be mine next EV car (if not the one above)

Plus, I wanted to learn who owns who (to my surprise some brand belongs to companies or groups I really never heard about - but I’m not an auto world fanboy).

What I learned, that in some reports Hybrid cars (BEVs) are also mixed into numbers.  

Here I need to add some terms explainers (for me it was a helpful info):

There are 5 types of Electric Vehicles:

Mild hybrid electric vehicle: MHEVs

Hybrid electric vehicle: HEVs

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle: PHEVs

Battery electric vehicle: BEVs

Fuel-cell electric vehicles: An FCEV

Read more about it here 

My goal is to find out full electric vehicle global sales stats.

So below you can see table and numbers for both global vehicle market and separated numbers for EV's.

If you have more precise information with the reliable source, please comment below with links, I will update the table accordingly.

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Here is the video where I'm testing some EV's

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