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Taking your innovative business into the digital ocean?
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I specialize in guiding startups and tech innovation businesses to identify their ideal client profiles (ICPs), comprehend their unique needs, and create irresistible offers that align with these audiences. Together, we can construct a robust digital strategy, develop a comprehensive digital ecosystem, and execute your marketing plans with precision.

I can steer you or your marketing team through the waves of digital channels, helping you select the most effective ones to promote your tech products or services, and craft messages that resonate with your ideal customers.

My expertise not only covers strategy development but also delves into strategy execution. I can guide you through the choppy waters of marketing tests and data analysis, offering insights on how to refine your campaigns with every iteration. I'll show you how to run marketing cycles and improve your results with every new tide (funnel iteration).

With my guidance, you or your marketing team can gain a greater understanding of your ideal clients in your business industry, create more impactful marketing campaigns, and generate higher ROI.

With a track record of 23+ years in digital business and attracting over 250k B2B leads, I specialize and I have passion in transforming expertise into scalable digital enterprises, particular interest is in maritime, tech and online education sectors.

Over the last decade, I've dived deep into video production across my three companies. Everything related to storytelling through videos forms a significant part of the marketing campaigns I pilot or help to launch.

Whether you're already sailing the high seas of the B2B, MarineTech, EdTech or SpaceTech industries or still in the harbor planning your journey, I'm eager to talk about the possibilities of how digital marketing activities can boost your business to the next level.